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Single Seater Motor Racing

VSE SingleSeater

Stock Car Motor Racing*

VSE StockCar


VSE Cycling

Table Tennis*

VSE TableTennis


VSE Badminton

*In association with Fluid Games

Pre - Recorded

Pre-Recorded Racing

Our VSE products, including horse racing, greyhound racing and football (in association with VSoft Co.) offer gaming operators virtual sports content for inclusion with other betting markets or gaming products. We use the latest animation technologies to deliver race video which simulates racing events down to their finest detail.

Odds are automatically determined based on margins set by the operator. A Windows based event management application offers operators complete flexibility in setting up and managing race events, margins and other race criteria.

Our VSE products are delivered via television broadcast , online streaming or locally rendered within a gaming venue and can be seamlessly integrated into a 3rd party betting or gaming system. Fully integrated betting and EPOS solutions are available on request.



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